How it works

In order for you to start processing payments, you must follow the next steps:

1. Create your account

Note that we will only ask you for your email for login purposes.

2. Generate your seed

Like in any cold wallet, you must create your seed which will generate your payment addresses.

3. Back up your key

This is the main security point in our technology. Unlike traditional wallets, your funds can only be accessed through your key rather than your seed.

4. Fund your account

Remember, we don't have access to your funds, therefore, we can't collect on the go. In this step you will be able to fund your account with the native network token (ex. TRX) and the processing gas fee.

5. Connect to your site

Connect our API to your site and start processing crypto.

Pricing 1% fee

  • NO hidden fees
  • NO extra charges
  • NO surprises

Are you processing large amounts?

Please contact us for special pricing.


  • Tronalpha version

  • BSCbeta version

  • Ethereum ETHversion 1.0

  • Solanaversion 3.0

  • Maticversion 2.0

  • Avaxversion 5.0

  • Cardanoversion 4.0



  • April

    Client migration

  • May

    API Release

  • June

    ETH Network

  • August

    SOL Network


  • January

    BTC Network